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Turn your Android device into a surveillance camera


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Perch - Simple Home Monitoring is an application that lets you convert any Android device (an old one or one you no longer use, if possible) into a surveillance camera. Just sign up for an account and point the device's camera where you want. That's it.

One of the advantages of Perch - Simple Home Monitoring is that you can see everything being recorded in real time from any browser. Just go to the official Perch website and log in. Within seconds, you can see a live stream from your Android device.

From the Perch control panel, you can set up notifications. You can set up the alerts to send an email when the camera detects motion, or when the device stops streaming images. You can also schedule the device to record at specific times.

Perch - Simple Home Monitoring is an excellent security application, thanks to which you can turn any old device into a functional surveillance camera. The image quality is also quite good, and the recorded video is stored in the cloud.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher